Setting Up The Game Edit

Before playing the awesome game of Winroids, you must first either click the combo of Ctrl+o or go up to file and click options. In the Options window you need to set witch keys you will use to: turn right, turn left, thrust, fire, and shield. There will be a section of the options window that allows you to choose your music for game play. Choose whichever music and start your game.

Playing The Game Edit

Move your ship through the given area of space and fire at the asteroids. Destroy all asteroids without losing all your lives to win.

Your Rocket Edit

Your rocket is just a little red rocket ship with green fins and a blue exhaust port. It also has a little blue nozzle at the end where the missiles are shot from. Use this little rocket to zoom around space and destroy the asteroids.

Shields, Lives, Power Ups, Bonus, Presents Edit

Your shields are VERY IMPORTANT. If you shield goes down try to find a present quickly and hope that it is a shield refuel. You can know how much shield you have left by a green bar at the bottom center of the screen.
Shield Power

Shield Bar

Presents Edit

Presents are also very important. They are what allow you to get power ups. Get a present every chance you get. They are little white boxes with red lines on the sides. Be careful though, if you wait too long they will explode.


Bonus Edit

The bonus is located next to the shield bar. It is in green numbers and is constantly going down as you play. At the end when you've won the bonus will be added to your final score for extra points. The bonus will start at a higher number each level. It begins at 2000 on level one.

Lives Edit

Your lives are very crucial. Once you run out of lives its game over. If you're lucky a present may contain an extra life for you. Lives are shaped like little red triangles with yellow outlines. You will begin with two lives at the start of every game. Your lives will carry over to the next level so it's two and two only (unless you get an extra).

Beginning Lives

Power Ups Edit

Power ups are very useful when playing the game. They can do many things including, refilling your shield bar, extra lives, and rapid fire action! The power ups will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Run over a present to get a power up.

Power UP What it does What it looks like
Shield Replenish This power up refills your shield bar back to full This power up has no sprite
Space Traction Allows your ship to stop instantly after moving Looks like a yellow exlamation point in a yellow circle with two red parentheses on both sides.
Triple Shot This power up allows your ship to fire a triple shot one straight and two on each side of those missiles. Looks like a dot with three lines of yellow dots appearing from it
Rapid Fire Allows you to hold down your fire button and constantly be fireing Looks like a dot with a line of missiles coming from it with a large yellow "A" beside it.
Bomb Destroys all asteroids to the next level down. If any small asteroids are in range they are destroyed completely. looks like a red bomb (lasts for about three seconds.)
Extra Life Gives the player an extra life. Looks like another red triangle with yellow outline
Power Up saver Allows the player to keep any existing power ups for one life. looks like a small red heart with a yellow outline

Asteroids Edit

The asteroids are shaped like little gray pieces of popcorn. Use your missiles to break them apart. Once a large asteroid is hit, it will break into two medium sized ones. If those asteroids are hit, they will turn into small ones. Once the small asteroids are broken no more will appear from that asteroid. Destroy all asteroids to win the level.

Space Ship Edit

The Space Ship in the game is colored green with a red center and yellow circles around it. It fires missiles in all directions at nothing in particular. Be careful not to touch any missiles or the ship itself or you will lose a life. Shot the ship quickly or use your shield. You can destroy them for a total of 400 points.
Large Astroid

Large Asteroid: Destoryed for 100 pts

Medium Astroid

Medium Asteroid: Destroyed for 200 pts

Small Astroid

Small Asteroid: Destoryed for 300 pts

Space Ship

Space Ship: Destoryed for 400 pts

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